The Shaman’s Way of Seeing

smoke-clearningLuminous strands of energy envelop and infuse all things.

The Shaman’s Way Of Seeing is a workshop based on this wisdom; teaching how to work with this energy for healing and personal growth.  Known as the aura or the morphic field, working with luminous energy has been the path of healers, yogis and mystics for thousands of years and is at the core of many primary healing methodologies on the planet.

Practitioners who achieve this state of seeing notice more precise levels of awareness, increased intuition, higher occurrences of lucid dreaming and an increased ability to work with subtle energy fields.  This state of seeing is accomplished through specific meditations, practices and initiations designed to open the intuitive channels and the flow of luminous energy between the upper chakras and the heart center.

During this workshop with Bill Humphrey you will receive the Seers Rights of the Muni Ki, a modern Andean Shamanic initiation designed to open portals of perception, awaken the visual cortex and unlock your natural ability to receive information from luminous energetic sources.  In addition, you will be guided through meditations to assist with self-healing and empowerment to affect your soul’s journey and your physical body in positive and uplifting ways.

This is a 1-day workshop.

Cost for Services:

  • $85-120 (depending on venue)