Fire Ceremony


Fire Ceremony:

Fire is a cleansing and releasing force as well as a source for rapid healing and manifestation. Despachos and prayer bundles are offered to the spirit of fire during this sacred ceremony directed by the shaman.

The fire ceremony is used to initiate change and transformation in any area or aspect of life that you find appropriate.  It is a ceremony of release and letting go, which manifests quickly because the power and spirit of fire is very strong.  When you invoke the spirit of fire you are calling upon the elements of earth, air, fire and water all at the same time.  The energy of fire works in the upper world, middle world and lower world simultaneously because the heat and smoke of the fire rises into the upper world, the light penetrates the middle world and the ashes return to the earth, nourishing the lower real.

Full Moon Fire Ceremony:

Archaeological findings indicate that human beings have been working with fire in a spiritual context for over 20,000 years, making it one of the oldest pre-religious spiritual traditions on the planet.  The elemental energy of fire brings about rapid change and when we work with this energy in a conscious way we create an opportunity to honor the old ways and belief structures while at the same time release what no longer serves us.  This allows us to surrender deeply at the soul level and make way for new energies to manifest.

How to Prepare:

Full moon energy offers time of reflection and recapitulation and it is good to prepare oneself for the fire ceremony with contemplation and creativity:

Before coming to the fire circle take time to contemplate old patterns and to identify what you are ready to surrender.  Envision your past and the path that you followed which brings you to the present moment.  Notice any themes or patterns that call for reconciliation and release.

Create an offering out of natural materials that will burn well in the fire.  This can take any form, be it a drawing, a poem, or something created out of natural materials that will burn well in the fire.  This offering helps focus your attention and bring the mythic state into the material state.

The offering may be decorated or left as is.  Connect with what you are honoring, the beliefs you are surrendering.  Use your body and breath to invoke the energy of your offering and blow that energy into the item you will then take to the fire.

Place your offering in a pocket, pouch or wrap it in fabric and carry it with you to the ceremonial space.

This is a 3 hour session.

Cost for Services:

  • $60/hour (3 hour minimum)