Solstice Despacho


Working with the spirits of earth, sky and the four directions you map of your past, present and future.

This helps to illustrate relationships and patterns and offers a ceremonial method for healing and change.

 Bill offers Despacho ceremonies for healing, clearing and celebration.

Ayni Despachos

Despacho is a ceremonial offering traditional to the shamanic traditions of South America.  Common in the Andes, despachos are filled with offerings and prayers to help maintain balance and set things right with the universe and the individual.  Shamans and other medicine people use despachos to feed their connections with the sacred and to give thanks or supplication to the spirits.

Despachos are traditionally burned, buried or placed in a lake or river so that the elemental spirits may take the offerings and distribute them throughout the universe.  The Ayni Despacho is typically bundled up in a packet and burned in ceremonial fire.  It is considered rude to the spirits watch the despacho burn; as you place the despacho into the fire do not look at it and please turn away once the offering has been made.

Ayni is a Quechua term used to describe the operating principal of reciprocity and divine exchange that exists everywhere.  The intent of the Ayni Despacho is to bring balance into our lives and to reestablish unity between the secular and sacred worlds so that we may be in right relationship with heaven, earth and all things.  

Anyi is a core principal in Andean shamanism.  Anyi honors the interconnectedness of all things: human, animal, plant, mineral and spiritual. Ayni acknowledges the reciprocity inherent in the interplay of loving kindness, gratitude, knowledge, power and respect for all living and nonliving things.  The act of giving and receiving is the key to the vital flow of ayni.  This is power which cannon be kept or held, it must be passed on without expecting anything in return.

The Ayni Despacho is made by the community and is a form of sacred play, similar to a mandala or a sand painting.  For the earth blessing we will open the earth to create a bed of smooth fresh soil where the despacho will be created.  Special offerings of leaves, flowers and seeds will be made with each ingredient receiving prayers.  Each offering holds significance and given to the earth with reverence and joy.  When all of the offerings have been completed the despacho is then covered with soil so that the spirits may come and enjoy the beauty of our prayers.

Note: fresh flowers, seed corn, wild rice and flower seeds are part of the offerings.

This is a 2-3 hour session.

Cost for Services:

  • $60/hour (2 hour minimum)

“Bill: It was a pleasure to be in sacred space with you for the Earth Blessing Despacho here in Decorah. Thank you for your continued connection to this community. “