The classes I offer below are open to the general public — anyone who is interested in spirituality and wants to learn more.

In addition, I offer trainings for experienced practitioners with a background in energy medicine and shamanic healing.

The Shaman’s Craft

A one day introductory program designed as an immersion into the shamanic trance state.  Learn about the shamanic worldview, basic journeying techniques and how to create sacred space and how to navigate within the shaman’s world of non-ordinary reality for yourself and others.


Breath of the Shaman

Enter into the shamanic trance state with the sacred power of the breath.  This class teaches you how to read and release energy patterns within yourself and others, how to navigate the spirit worlds of non-ordinary reality and how to embody the sacred to bring harmony to yourself, others and the planet.


Practicum in Shamanic Arts

A five part ceremonial series focusing on the practical theory and application of core shamanic rituals and ceremonies including Peruvian Death Rites, Fire Ceremony, Despacho/Mandala and Bands of Power. This series combines group instruction, independent study, mentoring and personal healing sessions.


Wilderness Retreat

A classic rite of passage, this initiation experience of wilderness isolation and fasting, usually lasts three days or more.  Always done under the guidance of a mentor and only after months of ritual preparation.  This program is offered annually, with preparation done in private/group sessions as well as independent study.


Tracking & Divination

Work with breath, fire, pendulum and rune stones to   understand the “seeing” states of the shaman and how to track backward and forward through time.  This workshop helps you develop your own powers of perception so that you may better understand yourself and your world.


Practicum in Connected Breathing Technique

This six part series combines personal practice in rebirthing, interaction with other rebirthers, and supervised client sessions.  Much of the work can be done on a correspondence basis.  Completion of this series leads to Level 1 Breathworker Certification through the School of Spiritual Psychology in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Shamanic Arts Apprenticeship

A monthly series on contemporary shamanic healing for holistic healthcare practitioners, students of core shamanism and earth based spiritual seekers.  Open to anyone who seeks a comprehensive training in ancient and modern shamanic healing work.  Includes key practices of shamanic healing as well as the mesa work of Peruvian/Andean shamanism.


The Shaman’s Way of Seeing

The Shaman’s Way Of Seeing is a workshop based on this wisdom; teaching how to work with this energy for healing and personal growth.  Known as the aura or the morphic field, working with luminous energy has been the path of healers, yogis and mystics for thousands of years and is at the core of many primary healing methodologies on the planet.