Calendar of Events


Soul Southing Wisdom Circle

Saturday February 4, 2017
Kickapoo Valley Reserve, La Farge, WI
$70 per person (50% deposit required)

We are here to nurture each other and find our authentic way of living based on honesty, authenticity and passion. 

Reconnect with the natural rhythms of nature, breath, the sacred drum.  Come and clear your mind to connect with heart and spirit. Allow yourself to be supported inside our healing circle of like minded souls.

Join our circle with drums, songs, truth and feeling. You are welcome here.
Are you new to sacred circle? This retreat is perfect for you.
Are you an experienced practitioner longing for conscious ceremony? You belong here.




Ancient Waters Wilderness Canoe Trek

October 19-23 2016
Namekegon River-St.Croix River — Bayfield County, WI
$440 per person

Join Nicholas WazeeGale & Bill Humphrey on this 5-day canoe expedition
in one of the most ancient & pristine waterways in northern Wisconsin



Shamanic Healing

November 11, 12, 13, 2016
Paducah, KY
Cost is $150 for the 2 hour session.

  • Have you ever wondered what your totem animal might be?
  • Do you have questions about your spirituality, life purpose or healing your energy body?
  • Are you a practitioner looking to deepen your understanding of sacred space?
  • Need guidance in the use of use of entheogenic plant medicines?

A private healing session with shamanic practitioner Bill Humphrey might be right for you.

Contact Bill today to book your session.
(608) 606-9004



Father/Son Coming of Age
February-May 1999
Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School, Viroqua, WI
Discussion series focusing on issues of boyhood, masculinity and becoming a exemplary man.

Dual Dimensional Healing
February, April, June, September, December 1999
Retreat Center LaFarge, WI
Dr. Paul Griener and Bill Humphrey present a day long retreat integrating breathwork, Network Chiropractic and Shamanic Ceremony.  24 Participants

Men’s Breathwork Series
April-September 1999
Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School, Viroqua WI
Six part series for men focusing on spirituality, ceremonial healing and mindfulness.  12 Participants.

Wilderness Retreat for Boys
April 1999
Chequamegon_Nicolet National Forest, WI
Four day wilderness trekking and mindfulness retreat for boys age 13-17.
12 youth participants.

Nature Immersion for Boys
May 1999
Black River Falls State Forest, WI
Five day wilderness immersion for boys.  Focusing on skill building, mindfulness,  non-violent conflict resolution.  10 Youth ages 13-17.

Rites of Passage for Boys and Men
May 1999
Kickapoo Valley Reserve, LaFarge WI
Day-long adventure program focusing on male initiation.  Program included personal growth skills and wilderness trekking. 8 participants.

Father/Daughter Rock Climbing Adventure
June 1999
Devil’s Lake State Park, Barboo WI 
Day-long adventure program focusing on father-daughter bonding through adventure and self-awairness.  14 Participants.

Dual Dimensional Healing
February December 2000
Retreat Center LaFarge, WI
Dr. Paul Griener and Bill Humphrey present a day long retreat integrating breathwork, Network Chiropractic and Shamanic Ceremony.  25 Participants

Shamanic Apprenticeship of Healers
January 2001-May 2002
Excelsior Retreat Center Blue River, WI
Assistant to Jaes Seis, MA and Shamanic Practitioner.  Residential series for students and practitioners of shamanism and healing arts.  Each retreat lasted 4 days and met every other month for 18 months.  16 Partiipants.

Breath of the Shaman
November 2001
Round River Institute Genoa, WI
One day retreat on earth based spirituality and breathwork.  Topics include  conscious breathing, mindfulness and healing ceremony.  14 Participants.

Windows of the Sky with Ellen Arndorfer, Liscensed Acupuncturist
October 2002
Round River Institute Genoa WI
Taoist meditation, acupuncture, breathwork and shamanic healing combined during this one day workshop.  12 Participants

Sacred Brotherhood Series for Men
November 2002-April 2003
Richland Center WI 
Hosted by Pachamama; with Jaes Seis and John Fergus.  
Co-facilitated this 6 part series for men with Jaes Seis, Shamanic Practitoner and John Fergus, Feng Shui Practitioner.
Topics include death-rebirth, medicine wheel, ancestral healing, masculine initiation.  14 participants.

Community Drumming Series
October 2002-May 2009
Viroqua Healing Art Center, Viroqua WI 
Free monthly drumming series open to anyone interested in shamanic drumming, group consciousness and spiritual growth.

Practicum In Connected Breathing Technique
October 2002
Round River Institute, Genoa WI
Collaborative breathwork training program supervised by Jim Morningstar PhD.  Ten part series on breathwork works with personal growth, group processing and skill building for breathworkers, healers and teachers.  10 participants.

Men and Boys Initiation
March 2003
Prairie Hill Waldorf School, Pewaukee WI
Free evening discussion on the subject of coming of age for adloscents. Open to male and female teachers, parents, mentors of youth.  18 Participants.