Breath of the Shaman

citrineEnter into the shamanic trance state with the sacred power of the breath.

Breath of the Shaman is an experiential view of how a shaman works with the spirit world.

Bill Humphrey offers shamanic healing in a restful setting with drumming, breathwork and healing ceremony.

Key topics include:

  • How to use conscious breathing to connect on the emotional and spiritual levels with self and others
  • How to awaken your medicine body and work with your own spiritual power
  • Core Shamanic principals of holding space and creating ritual


The workshop is conducted in a small group setting to assure a safe and sacred space for personal exploration and growth.

The workshops are usually 4-8 hours long (depending on the venue).

Learn how to read and release energy patterns within yourself and others, how to navigate the spirit worlds of non-ordinary reality and how to embody the sacred to bring harmony to yourself, others and the planet.

“The workshop was a magnificent event, beyond words. The work that Bill has initiated and orchestrated has had a profound effect on my family and me. And now I see how it is working in our community. With the deepest respect.”  N.B., A former workshop participant.

Cost for Services:

  • $85-120 (depending on venue)



I also offer one-on-one private sessions.

Each session is 2-3 hours long and combines principals of Andean energy healing, breathwork and core shamanic practices.

Cost for Services:

  • $60/hour (2-hour minimum)