About Bill

Bill Humphrey is a third-generation healer, wilderness guide and shamanic  practitioner.

Bill grew up along the shores of Lake Superior in northern Michigan where the wild rivers and deep forests were his greatest teachers.  In 1985, he lived in China, studying Qigong, the practice of mind-body integration that is the ancient foundation of acupuncture.  

Bill was a shaman’s apprentice for seven years with Jaes Seis of Pachamama (U.S.) and studied with Jose Louis Herrara (Peru) for five years.  Dubbed “a man of power” by Herrara, Bill is an initiated mesa carrier in the Q’ero tradition of Peruvian shamans. Bill conducts shamanic healing and energy medicine using both the South American as well as the North American traditions of spiritual, earth-based healing.

Bill’s mission is to help others reclaim their relationship with the divine and to facilitate spiritual healing, emotional wholeness and compassion for self, others and the planet.

Bill founded Heart Path Rebirthing in 1998 and Essential Skills Outdoor School in 2002.  Bill is a founding member of the Viroqua Healing Arts Center and he holds a BA in English as well as certifications in breathwork and wilderness emergency medicine.

Professional Background:

  •  20 years of practice and training as a spiritual healer.  I am trained in Rebirthing and shamanism. 
  • Participated in vision quests, sweat lodge and Peruvian ayahuasca dieta. 
  • Wilderness Guide & Youth Counselor for youth at risk
  • Independent teacher of English as a second language, Wuhan, China
  • Owner/Operator of Essential Skills Outdoor School, an independent outdoor eduction guide service
  • Founder of Heartpath Rebirthing and Shamans Breath healing and personal growth practices

Studied With:

  • Apprenticed with Jaes Seas 1999-2004 
  • Learning Intensives with Jose Louis Herrara of Rainbow Jaguar Institute
  • Aldofo Tito Condor
  • Don Jose Campos ayahausca diet in Peru


  • Core shamanic techniques of soul retrieval, extraction, divination, totem animal retrieval
  • Despacho Prayer Offerings
  • Initiated Mesa Carrier
  • Chakra Energy Balancing
  • Breathwork
  • Death Rites  

Courses, Certificates, Special Studies:

  • Wilderness First Responder
  • Certified Rebirthing Level II

Other Specialties:

  • Active in 12-step program work for addictions and I maintain a daily practice of prayer, meditation and healing ceremony
  • Collaborate with a variety of practitioners and I am willing to refer clients to another practitioner if I feel that they will be better served by another discipline
  • Maintain a daily practice of spiritual work, service work, teaching, parenting and conscious relationship with my wife

“I am inspired by the forces of nature and how we humans interact with the natural world”.